Whether you are a full-time athlete, or need to squeeze in training between a range of commitments we want to help you improve your fitness and skills.  
Fortrin provides personalised training plans and skills coaching to fit each client we work with, and enjoy working with a range of people from beginner to elite.
We also provide coaching services for corporates, though still with an emphasis on the individual.  

Exercising for health

benefits –
or want to get started?
Coaching is not just for people involved in competitive sports. Without guidance and encouragement it can be difficult to make positive lifestyle changes.
Fortrin coaching can help you find a way to integrate exercise into your everyday life and assist with nutritional advice. If you are already exercising, but want to make additional gains we can help with that too.  

Want to improve

Fortrin’s starting point for designing a tailor-made training strategy is a thorough understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
Performance is not solely reliant on fitness and the aim is to look at the complete picture and various areas where advantages may be gained including race strategy/preparation, nutrition, and sports psychology.

Corporate fit
Aiming to be successful in your next corporate challenge?
Want to increase employee wellbeing and team spirit?
Whatever the goal we can provide customised training plans and skills coaching for your next corporate challenge or social club.

Improve skills
Continuous improvement of skills is essential for everyone.
In a race situation even the smallest improvements in skill (practical or mental) may be the difference in achieving a podium place. For the beginner athlete a basic level of skills and knowledge is necessary for enjoyment and safety.
Our philosophy is to take a look at the big picture and make sure gains in fitness are matched with additional skills.
Enquire for more information about   mental skills training, race prepation and guidance about nutrition.

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